JWframe for Integrated Solutions is a company specialized in the provision of infrastructure for digital data transmission solutions. As well as set up and establishment of electronic surveillance systems through the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of these networks.

Due to the availability of staff with extensive experience in the field of information technology and communication, which led to support all the different sectors and the development of after-sales services. In addition to do research and digital marketing campaigns.


1- Full compliance with delivery dates.
2- Planning and good design saves a lot of time during implementation.
3- Full compliance with the terms of contract between our company and our customers.
4- Professional customer care and periodic follow-up to customers.
5- Prediction for the problems before they occur through analysis of data, and presenting possible solutions through periodic reports to help the client to make decisions.


To become a leader in providing the best solutions in the field of transfer of information and communications for clients and helping to develop the digital infrastructure in community



Turning ideas and goals to concrete facts to face the continuing technological challenges


The strategy

1- Providing a work environment where the team feels the importance of teamwork to achieve the distinctive creativity.
2- Consideration of human resources is the real capital and the actual wealth of the company.
3- Consideration for the customers as partners of the success and they are not clients of the company. And expand the foundations of the relationship based on mutual trust.
4- Supporting decision making within the company to provide the best to face all challenges and to prove the feasibility of the partnership and the deal with us


JWframe Founded on the principles of credibility and respect our clients and team work,
We appreciate our clients ... So; we would like to hear from you.
If you have a suggestion or a complaint, please do not hesitate in listed us. It will help us to serve you and serve other clients more efficiently and effectively

Teamwork vision

We firmly believe that the success of your business is a mirror of our success, and this vision is the philosophy of customer care team whom offers you an integrated vision of effective solutions that fit perfectly with all your needs.

Customer care team will help you through the following steps:-
1- Identifying new technological alternatives and different solutions had not thought them before.
2- Reduce all unnecessary expenses, which guarantee you a high level of quality at the lowest cost.
3- We are uniquely achieving the highest service in accomplishing your business, where team works the full-time to get the best results.

• JWframe Frame for Integrated Solutions represented in the teamwork will cringe you all the difficulties. So you can now get the effective solutions are planned and implemented through the following:
I. Estimating the size of the work through the basic needs and future developments analysis.
II. Suggestion all the solutions that can be used to suit your needs.
III. Testing the feasibility each of the proposed solutions.
IV. Choose the most effective solution and apply it based on its feasibility and customer approval